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Do It Today By Darius Foroux In-Depth Book Review

Do It Today By Darius Foroux In-Depth Book Review
Do It Today By Darius Foroux 

I just read a book called Do It Today by Darius Foroux. Now I decided to review it. Yeah, I know, I know, it has been a while i posted on this blog, but I got stuck in other works. Now I will be reactive here and share my opinions and views on various books. Now let's get into the review. 

This book is supposed to advise on procrastination, productivity and how you can achieve more in life. Yes, it did. But I have some complaints. What complaints? More on that later. First, let us see some of its pros. 

Why Do You Purchase It?

This book only cost me 29 rupees. In US dollars, that's roughly 0.40 cents. That's amazing! I don't know about the future, but at present, it was a great deal for me. Yes, at this time, you can also buy the paperback for 186 rupees, which is also not bad pricing. But I will recommend going for the kindle version. I was wandering around the kindle store for my next read, with a very tight budget, and this came up. First, the cover didn't impress me that much. But seeing the price tag and my low funds, I decided to give it a shot. And it did prove to be a good decision!

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Here are some of its feature - 

'Do It Today' is Divided In-To Three Parts; 1. Overcome Procrastination 2. Improve Productivity, 3. Achieve More 

Pages - 256 (Paperback), 117 (Kindle)

Publisher - Penguin 

Availability - Paperback (Yes), Kindle(Yes), Audiobook (As Of Now, No)*

Kindle Unlimited - Yes*

Price - 186 (Paperback), 29 (Kindle) Rupees*

My Ratings 

Writing - 4.9/5

Flow - 3/5

Content - 4/5

Overall - 4.5/5

Amazon: 4.4/5*

Goodreads:  4.2/5*

*Might Change In Future

What Did I Like And Disliked?

The book didn't have unnecessary complexity and very easy to read. So you don't have to be a professor in English to understand what it is trying to say. But here I also have to mention that the flow is not that great. The author compiled some of his articles in "Do It Today". You will find Darius Foroux mentioned, 'article" in some of the chapters. In the end, he also clarified my doubts. Indeed it is a compilation of blog posts. 

Though I don't know if he wrote something new for 'Do It Today" or if it just a compilation. But that affected the flow. 

Now for the content, I will say it has some 'aha!' moments for me. Yes, I will also admit that there are many things mentioned; that may seem the jargon of any other self-help book. But overall, this book helped me a lot! I found some new things that can help me in life. 

Now there is a thing that personally I didn't like. You can find many links and reference in the first few chapters. Which many people will enjoy, but for me, this was not a very good experience. Yes, yes, you may defend this by saying that, the author is giving references for further read. But I think that disturbs the flow. 

If you go further chapters this problem is solved. There are still links, but that is ok. Because they are on a moderate level and indeed they can help me with further reading. Here I have a suggestion for the author; please include an appendix for links at the end of the chapter, that will help a lot.

'Do It Today' is divided into three parts, and links are the main reason that I liked the second and third chapter more than the first one. 

My Key Takeaways - 

  1. Rules Are Good 
  2. We Need a System
  3. Create an Evening Ritual 
  4. LEarn Universal Skills 
  5. Repeat the Basics
  6. Take Rest!
  7. Read Easy Books On The Evening
  8. Create A Mantra
  9. Don't Compete, Create
  10. Manage Your Attention, Not Time
  11. Improve By 0.1%
  12. Don't Leave Your Comfortzone


I will suggest this book to all self-help lovers, especially beginners. 


'Do It Today' by Darius Foroux was overall a good book for me. Though when I am writing this article I didn't read another famous book 'Thinking Straight" form the same author. But after reading this one I am curious. 

 So this was my review, hope you liked it. If you did, then don't forget to share this article on your social handles. You can also subscribe to this blog for further updates. Thank you. :-)


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